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DNF Book Review – A Conspiracy of Ravens

Book Review - A conspiracy of ravens - Othuke Ominiabohs - Nigerian Book Review

I was going to suffer through to the end of this book in the hope that it might be worth it in the end but @BagusMutendi’s prompt on twitter made me realize just how much I don’t want to continue reading this story.

I’m going to keep this review simple and focus on the pros and cons and why I didn’t finish reading this book. Continue reading “DNF Book Review – A Conspiracy of Ravens”

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Book Review – Behold The Dreamers


Book Review - Behold the Dreamers - Imbolo Mbue - Naijabookworm - Nigerian book blog

What do you get when you put an immigrant couple who think the USA is the best thing after sliced bread, a rich American couple who seem to have achieved the American dream, some puff-puff and fried plantain in the city that never sleeps? A fascinating debut novel about marriage, class, race, the immigrant struggle and the pursuit of happiness.

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Book Review – Swing Time by Zadie Smith


Book Review - Zadie Smith - Swing Time - Naijabookworm -

The only reason I wanted to read this novel was because: Zadie Smith. I had never read anything by her and after reading and hearing so much hype about her, the blurb played a minimal role in my choice to read this novel. Naturally I had very high expectations but it turns out this probably wasn’t the best Zadie Smith novel to start with. While it wasn’t a snoozefest, it didn’t come close to the level I had placed it on in my mind; so colour me disappointed.

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Book Review – The Chibok Girls

The Chibok Girls

The 2014 abduction of 276 secondary school girls from the Government College, Chibok by the Boko Haram sect remains a sore subject for many Nigerians. It has inspired hundreds of articles, documentaries, music etc; sparked a political revolution, brought attention to lackadaisical attitude of our federal government and the corruption that is literally threatening to destroy us.

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